Recycled PET

PET stands for PolyEthylene Terephthalate. We use recycled PET that used to be medical packaging waste. Recyclers from Europe have processed this material into granules and we purchase it as 3D printing material from a Dutch manufacturer. This material has a satin to high gloss surface and a deformation temperature of around 70 °C.

The images below show the color options in which rPETG designs can be 3D printed. Scroll down to see the products in these materials that you can order right away. Or click on the button below for an overview of all materials.

  • rPET Pastel

    Mint Green

    Aqua Blue

    Honey Yellow

    Coral Red


  • rPET Seaglass

    Amber Brown

    Midsummer Yellow

    Seafoam Green

    Emerald Green

  • rPET Seaglass & Transparent


    Nautical Blue

    Transparent Blue


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Products 3D printed with recycled PET that you can order immediately

Products with "Custom" in the title can also be ordered directly in all rPET colours.