Bio-composite: PLA + Lignin

This innovative bio-composite has a silk-matt surface and a deformation temperature of around 110 °C.

PolyLactic Acid, also known as polylactide or polylactic acid. Made from renewable raw materials such as corn and sugar cane.

Wood dust, the binding agent in trees and plants. The combination of PLA with lignin ensures a higher temperature resistance and strength of the material.

The image below shows the color options in which PLA + Lignin designs can be 3D printed. Scroll down to see the products in these materials that you can order right away. Or click on the button below for an overview of all materials.

  • PLA + Lignin





Products 3D printed with PLA + Lignin that you can order directly

Products with "Custom" in the title can also be ordered directly in all PLA + Lignin colours.