Fibonacci Coral Lamp

Lamp concept based on the botany-inspired Fibonacci pattern, created using algorithmic design and digital manufacturing techniques.

The beauty of spiral phyllotaxis patterns can be seen in sunflowers and pinecones. Harmonious properties of this pattern have been unraveled with mathematical precision: Fibonacci sequence, symmetry, and the golden ratio. The building blocks for 3D printed lamp designs by STUDIO BL.

Visual language of nature

Spiral phyllotaxis is a recurring theme in the work of Studio BL - Bastiaan Luijk. Phyllotaxis is a scientific word used in botany to describe the arrangement of leaves around an axis or stem. Spiral phyllotaxis can be seen as a pattern in the heads of sunflowers. This pattern can be constructed with a mathematical formula, as proposed by Helmut Vogel in 'A better way to construct the sunflower head' in 1979. This formula describes the pattern in the flat plane (2D). STUDIO BL has developed a method and algorithm to construct the spiral phyllotaxis pattern as a spatial structure for 3D designs. The studio creates these nature-inspired designs to share the beauty of nature, bringing it closer and appreciating it in new ways.

Shifting color concept

When you switch on the light the lamp shows a red coral hue. In about ten minutes time it will lose its color - mimicking the bleaching of corals - shifting to a common light color. It shows the fragility of nature and it is a reminder of the conscious choices we can make to preserve it.

2024 - Designed and manufactured by Studio BL – Bastiaan Luijk in Leiden, The Netherlands

Material: recycled PLA (food packaging waste material sourced from the Benelux)
Size: ∅ 35cm x h 50cm