Milan Design Week 2023

Milan Design Week 2023

Isola Design Gallery - The Dutch Corner

During Milan Design Week 2023, Studio BL exhibits two projects as part of The Dutch Corner at the Isola Design Gallery: the Baguio Table Lamps and the collaborative project NOVÝ SKOK.


Baguio Table Lamps

The beauty of spiral phyllotaxis patterns can be seen in sunflowers and pine cones. Harmonic properties of this pattern have been unraveled with mathematical precision: Fibonacci sequences, symmetry and golden ratio. The building blocks for 3D printed lamp & interior objects designed by Studio BL - Bastiaan Luijk.

Atmospheric photo of 3 sizes of Baguio table lamps Ø 35, 28, 21 cm, 3d printed with wood fibers and in black and orange

Baguio Table Lamps by Studio BL - Bastiaan Luijk


Decades of artisan wood craftsmanship united with algorithmic design and digital manufacturing. Dutch designers Frida van der Poel and Bastiaan Luijk reinvented the SKOK side table, originally designed by Frida in 1994. The NOVÝ SKOK series explores new combinations of materials, colors and function.

NOVI SKOK Phi Flax, Clara Amber and Clara Peach


NOVÝ SKOK variants Phi and Clara - a collaboration between Frida van der Poel and Bastiaan Luijk

From Isola's press release (EN):

“The 4th edition of Isola Design Gallery celebrates unique and handcrafted products, collectible design that tells a story, customizable pieces that grant an experience, and contemporary products inspired by everyday life. The gallery wants to draft new lines for high-end design inspired by architecture, art, minimalism, and sustainability. (…) Included within the exhibition is The Dutch Corner, curated by Wisse Trooster and supported by the Netherlands consulate-general in Milan, presenting a selection of Dutch talents and established design studios.”

If you have the opportunity, we would love to see you there!


Location: Isola Design Gallery, Pastrengo 14, Isola District, Milan

April 18
11 a.m. - 1 p.m. (press tour + private tour Queen Máxima)
1:00 PM - 9:00 PM (open to the public)

April 19 - 23
11am - 7pm (open to the public)

Isola project page Baguio Table lamps (EN)

Press folder Baguio Table lamps (EN)

roject page NOVÝ SKOK (EN)

Press folder NOVÝ SKOK (EN)

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